:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Tuesday 11th of December 2018
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Civil Engineering Department Staff

Head of Civil Engineering Department

Name:Omari B. Shegwando

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:Bsc. Env Eng. Hons (UDSM); M.Sc. ETM (ARU)

E-Mail: omshegw@gmail.com


Name: Shamsa Nassibu

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC (Civil) TCA, Bsc in Civil Engineering MUST

E-Mail: smnassibu@yahoo.com


Name: Abasi Hawaii

Title:Instructor II

Education:Bsc in Mining Engineering, Hons UDSM

E-Mail: hawaiiabasi@yahoo.com


Name: John Anyabwile Mwakambonja

Title:Senior Artisan I

Education:Carpentry Grade I



Name: Wilson Ngole

Title:Tutorial assistant

Education:Bsc in Mining Engineering, Hons UDSM

E-Mail: wile.ngole@gmail.com


Name: Richard Michael Mkindo

Title:Tutorial assistant

Education:B.Eng Civil (MUST)

E-Mail: mkindoritchie@gmail.com


Name: Hashimu Hamisi

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: B.Sc. Civil & Structural Engineering Hons (UDSM): M.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering (NM-AIST):PE.Civil (ERB-Tanzania)

E-Mail: hashimu.mzava@gmail.com


Name: Adamu Musa Mafimba

Title:Instructor II

Education:B.Sc. in Mining Engineering (UDSM)

E-Mail: adamafimba@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Mr. Valentino Ally Chaffu

Title:Instructor II

Education:FTC in Civil Eng (MTC); B. Eng. In Civil Eng.(MIST); Masters of Eng. In Maintenance Management in Civil Eng. (DIT)

E-Mail: chaffu6@gmail.com


Name: Godfrey Nelson Mbungula

Title: Senior Workshop Technician

Education:Full Technician Certicate in Civil Eng. (DIT Tech); BA in Civil (MUST)

E-Mail: mbungulag@yahoo.com


Name: Aaron J. Maganga

Title:Laboratory Technician

Education:FTC in Water lab. Technology (WRI).



Name: Joseph M. Gesssu

Title:Senior Artisan 1

Education:Grade I in Masonry. (VETA Chang’ombe-DSM),GCE (MTC)

E-Mail: josephgessu09@gmail.com


Name: Alfred B. Nyingi

Title:Laboratory Technician

Education:Diploma in Civil Eng. (Arusha Tech); BA in Civil (MUST)

E-Mail: alfrednyingi07@yahoo.com


Name: Justus Philip Eliya

Title:Senior Instructor II

Education:FTC Building and Civil Engineering (TCA); Bsc. Civil Engineering (MUST)

E-Mail: justuseliya@yahoo.com


Name: Cyriacus John Rugakingila

Title:Tutorial Assiatant

Education:FTC Building and Civil Engineering (Dar Tech); Bsc. Civil Engineering (UDSM)

E-Mail: cyruga@yahoo.com


Name: Anselim B. Raphael

Title:Workshop Technician 1

Education:Changombe NVTC.Grade II; VETA I Tabora.



Name: Asson Sifueli Malisa

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:B.sc (Eng.) – civil, UDSM, Masters in MaSE (Structural), NM - AIST

E-Mail: asson.malisa@gmail.com


Name: Venance .R. Mwandupe

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC (MTC) Bachelor In Civil Engineering (MUST).

E-Mail: ndupev@yahoo.com


Name: Asha T. Chiwanga

Title:Laboratory Technician

Education:Diploma in Mining Engineering

E-Mail: ashachiwanga@yahoo.com


Name: Ivor Joseph Ndimbo

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:Bsc. Civil Engineering (UDSM); Master in Technology ( M.Tech-Water Resource Development-WRD (Roorkee India)

E-Mail: ivondimbo@gmail.com


Name: George Chrispin Lyimo

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC (Arusha Technical Collage); Bsc. Civil Engineering (UDSM-CoET)

E-Mail: geocris15@yahoo.com


Name: Samwel J.Kihogo

Title:Senior Technician II

Education:Ordinary diploma (MIST)

E-Mail: kihogos@yahoo.com


Name: George John Nyaisonga

Title:Senior Insructor I

Education:Advanced Diploma in Building Economics ARDHI INST/UCLAS)

E-Mail: nyaiso@yahoo.com


Name: Stephano Maduka

Title:Assistant Insructor II

Education:Ordinary Diploma in Transportation Engineering

E-Mail: madukasteve8@gmail.com