:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Friday 28th of July 2017

System Administration Office

System Administrators' Office is a dedicated section for providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to the Staffs & Students for the entire University.
Among of the services that the Office provides to the university include:-

  • Users Support
  • Email services to staff and students
  • LAN and WLAN(wireless LAN) installation and Maintenance
  • Computer Repair and maintenance
  • Website administration and hosting
  • Systems Administration
  • Other ICT related activities atMUST

Staff Members

Head of System Administration

Name: Willy Mbata

E-Mail: mbata100@gmail.com


Name: Kasang'a Lai

E-Mail: kasangalai@yahoo.com


Name: Imani Mwalumbwe

E-Mail: aronchimala@gmail.com


Name: Daniel D. Kapangala

E-Mail: kapangalad@gmail.com


Name: Adam Charles

E-Mail: adamcharles27@gmail.com


Name: Daud M. Sindika

E-Mail: dsindika@mustnet.ac.tz