:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


Settlement, Planning and Designing Technology department which is under College of Engineering and Technology offers Bachelor Degree of Technology in Architecture and the programme duration is four (4) years. In addition to teaching, the Department is involved in consultancy activities and research activities,

Staff Members

Head of Department

Name:Mr. Kassim Ally Choga

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:AD Arch. (Ardhi Inst.), PGD Arch. (Ardhi Univ.), M. Arch. (Ardhi Univ.)

E-Mail: kchoga@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Viviano Fyito

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: Dip. Ed. (Dar Teach. Coll.), AD BE. (Ardhi Inst.), PGD in Urban Plan. & MGT. (UDSM), MSc. in Urban Plan. & MGT. (Ardhi Univ.)

E-Mail: vfyito@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Dr. Idasi K. Mweteni


Education:FTC of Buid. & Civ Eng. (DSM Tech. Coll.), AD Arch. (Ardhi Inst.), M.Eng.Theory of Arch & Hist. (Tongji Univ. China), PhD Arch. (Ardhi Univ.)

E-Mail: idasimweteni@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Malifa Sweve Pelesi

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:Cert. Ed. (Kigurunyembe Teach Coll.), AD Arch. (Ardhi Inst.), PGD in Urban Plan. & MGT. (UDSM), M. Arch. (Ardhi Univ.)

E-Mail: mpelesi@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Yonna Ikera Justin

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc B.E (Hons.) (UDSM), MSc. CEM (ARU), Regd. QS (T), ATIQS (T)

E-Mail: yjustin@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Juma A. Mpangule

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. BE (UDSM), MSc. Constr. MGT (Ardhi Univ.)

E-Mail: jmpangule@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr Buberwa M. Tibesigwa

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:B.Arch. (Ardhi Univ.), M.Arch. (HIT China)

E-Mail: btibesigwa@mustnet.ac.tz