:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


Business is global and touches almost every point of our daily lives. In other words, business is the life blood of the world (it makes the world go round). The Department of Business Management at the midst of Science and Technology for this view produces and molds creative Business and Engineering students with a broad and specific knowledge in understanding business matters at large. This made possible by the presence of wholehearted academic staff who aim at seeing that Tanzanians can have their big shares in the local and international world of business.

The Department offers long-term courses at the levels of Bachelor Degree, Ordinary Diploma and Certificate. At all levels, the delivery modes are full-time and part-time, this aims at taking care of Government and self-employed working class. The broad and specific knowledge offered by BM academic staff covers areas of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Apart from offering long-term courses, BM department offer short-courses in the fields mentioned above. The said short-courses aims at people who want to improve or add something extraordinary to their careers. Being at the center of Science and Technology, the BM department offers cross-cutting subjects to engineering and science students at the University. This helps in greasing engineering students’ elbows towards understanding business management matters. Hence, the presence of BM makes “Science Business and Business Science”.

Devotedly looking at the future, the department is planning to offer many more courses at further levels of Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in the areas of Business Management. Currently the department is in plan to start offering Master’s Degree in Business-Economics.

Welcome to the world of business and business only; join us in moving the world

Staff Members

Head of Department

Name: Mr. Philipo A. Magembe

Title:Head of Department - Business Management, MUST Convocation Treasurer

Education:Advanced Diploma in Accountancy (TIA); MBA-Business Admn. (MU)

E-Mail: Head-businessmgt@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Dr. Asheri Mwidege

Title:MUSTASA Chairman, Senior Lecturer

Education: Dip. in Ed. (Mkwawa) ); MA Econo(UDSM); BSc. Ed. (UDSM); PhD Agro. Econo (SUA)

E-Mail: amwidege@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Andrew A. Kasasi

Title: Industrial Liaison, Assistant Lecturer

Education:Dip. Educ (Mkwawa); BSc (Educ), MSc (Phy) (UDSM)

E-Mail: akasasi@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Said M. Msangi

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BA (UDSM); MBA HRM (UDSM); On PhD Studies (MU, Tanzania)

E-Mail: smsangi@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Galus A. Kitapankwa

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BEd.Sc.(UDSM); MEED (Entrepreneurship) (UDSM)

E-Mail: gkitapankwa@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Ms. Lulu Ruflenge

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc (Home Economics and Human Nutrition) (SUA); MARD (SUA); On PhD Studies

E-Mail: lluflenge@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Abas Y. Sanga

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BEd (UDSM); MARD (SUA)



Name: Mr. Yohana J. Sesabo

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:BBA-Marketing (MU); Msc-Entrepreneurship (MU)

E-Mail: ysesabo@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. John F. Mogha

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc -Agricultural Education and Extension (SUA); MBA-Business Admn. (MU)

E-Mail: jmogha@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Ms. Herieth J. Rogath

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. URP (UDSM); MSc. Industrial Logistics (Molde, Norway)

E-Mail: hrogath@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Evans Lupenza

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:DACA (Moshi Coop. College); B. Com (UDSM); MBA–HRM (OUT)

E-Mail: elupenza@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mrs. Ukende Kingu

Title:MUST Workers’ Council Secretary, Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Food Science & Tech (SUA); MBA (HRM) (UDSM)

E-Mail: ukingu@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Charles Raphael

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BA (Ed) (UDSM); MBA (Corporate Management) (MU); On PhD Studies (MU, Tanzania)

E-Mail: craphael@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Gerald V. Kyando

Title: Assistant lecturer

Education: FTC (DIT); B.Com (OUT); MBA (HRM) (OUT)

E-Mail: gkyando@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Ms. Albentina L. Mwakibete

Title: Head of Quality Assurance and Control, Assistant Lecturer

Education:BA(Ed) (UDSM); MBA (Finance & Banking) (MU)

E-Mail: amwakibete@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Baraka Nkoko

Title: MUST Convocation Editor, Assistant Lecturer

Education: BE (Arts), MA Linguistics (UDSM)

E-Mail: bnkoko@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Stephano Matiku Magwe

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education: BBA (MUST)

E-Mail: smatiku@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Geofray S. Ngulla

Title:Assistant lecturer

Education: LL.B (Hons), RUCU; LL.M (Finance and Banking Laws) RUCU; on PhD studies (OUT)

E-Mail: gngulla@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Noel R. Mwegoha

Title:MUST Convocation Editor, Assistant Lecturer

Education: Cert. Ed. (Tandala), BA Ed. (RUCO), MA Linguistics (RUCO)

E-Mail: sirnomwe@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Peter C. Majura

Title:MUST Convocation Editor, Assistant Lecturer

Education: Dip. Ed. (Butimba), B Ed (Geography and English) (UoA); MA Linguistics (UDOM)

E-Mail: pmajura@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Ms. Patricia Wangui Fela

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education: BEd (Arts) (Kenyatta University); MA (Linguistics) (UDSM); On PhD Studies

E-Mail: pwangui@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Gift Yolim Nkwama

Title:Secretary – Dean Office

Education: Certificate of Level II Secretarial and Computer, Certificate of Secretarial Up Grade

E-Mail: giftanile@yahoo.com