:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


Welcome to the Mbeya University of Science and Technology Department of Computer Engineering (CE), one of the core academic units of the Institute of Science Technology (IST). The department’s core mission is to provide quality teaching, research and public services (Consultancy) in its core disciplines of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information and Communication Technology.

CE being the full-fledged department has a total of 24 academic and technical staff members with Masters, and Bachelor degree levels of qualifications and with a broad range of high technical qualifications, experience and competencies. Apart from proving academic and professional training excellences, the department also over 8 years has engaged itself in providing research and consultancy services within its specialization areas of Software Architecture and Innovation, Information Systems and Engineering, Networks and Cyber Security, Embedded and Intelligent Systems.

The Department offers various training programmes at different levels from Certificate, Diploma levels in Computer Science, Information Communication Technology and Computer Engineering disciplines. Our Diploma programmes help students become outstanding professionals, prepared to impact all manner of modern society through the application of cutting edge information technology. The theoretical and practical learning and teaching is provided using the available computing laboratories and infrastructure equipped with modern facilities connected to the reliable Internet connection at IST.

The quality of curricular and teaching of Diploma programmes is evident by the fact that many of our graduates have become successful ICT entrepreneurs and others have successfully pursued BSc training programmes at internationally recognized universities abroad and at home.

Computer Department Staff

Head of Computer Department

Name:Mr. Mrindoko R. Nicholaus

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:FTC. in Electrical Engineering (MIST); B.Eng Computer (DIT); M.Sc EEIT (UDSM)

E-Mail: nmrindoko@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Noel Y. Chintelele

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC. in Electrical Engineering (MTC); B.Eng Computer (DIT); M.Sc TE (UDOM)

E-Mail: chintelelenoel@yahoo.com


Name: Amani Sanga

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Bachelor Of Engineering In Computer Engineering (Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology)

E-Mail: amaniamos@gmail.com


Name: Bally Omary

Title:Tutorial assistant

Education:FTC Comp Eng -DIT,B.Eng Comp Eng-DIT

E-Mail: Omarybally@gmail.com


Name: Beston G. Lufyagila

Title:Instructor II

Education:Bsc. In Computer Engineering & IT -(hons) –UDSM

E-Mail: blufyagila@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Godphrey Kyambille

Title:Tutorial assistant

Education:Bachelor of Computer Science

E-Mail: gkyambille@gmail.com


Name: Liberatus Sago

Title:Instructor II

Education:BSc Computer Science- UDSM

E-Mail: sagoliberatus@gmail.com


Name: Wangilisasi, Lusungu P

Title:Tutorial assistant

Education:Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering UDSM

E-Mail: wangilisasiemp@gmail.com


Name: Joseph Lutera

Title:Tutorial Assistant.

Education:Bachelor of Science with Education (B.Sc. Ed). UDSM

E-Mail: luterajoseph@yahoo.com.


Name: Tumaini R. Mbinda

Title:Instructor II

Education:B.E in Computer Science and Engineering at St. Joseph University in Tanzania

E-Mail: tmbinda@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Nchia Edwin

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

E-Mail: edwingudfriend@gmail.com


Name: Nyamwaga M. Kaare

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Bachelor degree in computer science – St. Joseph University in Tanzania

E-Mail: nkaare@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Riziki Abbas Pangahela

Title:Assistant Instructor II

Education:Diploma in Information Technology

E-Mail: pangriz@gmail.com


Name: Ally Sikoro





Name: Daniel Israel Bynite

Title:Instructor II

Education:F.T.C Electrical Eng. (TCA); B. Eng.& Technology In Informatics And Computing Techniques-Don State Technical University (Dstu) Russian Federation.

E-Mail: dbynite@gmail.com


Name: Christina Mwabeza

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Bachelor degree in computer science

E-Mail: christinamwabeza@yahoo.com


Name: Shadrack Daudi

Title:Instructor II

Education:Bachelor of Computer Engineering

E-Mail: shadrack1981@gmail.com


Name: Richard C. Rajabu

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:B.Sc Computer Science

E-Mail: zunraj007@gmail.com


Name: Enlai Watson

Title:Instructor II

Education:Bachelor of Computer Engineering at D I T

E-Mail: enlai14@yahoo.com


Name: Rahel Mtali

Title:Assistant Instructor

Education:F.T.C in Computer Engineering at D.I.TT



Name: Paschal Yamakili

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Advanced Diploma in Information Technology in Arusha Institute of Accountant



Name: Lihendima P. Madembwe

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Bachelor of computer Science at St. Joseph

E-Mail: madembwepjm@yahoo.co.uk