:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


Sometimes, studying can be a very stressing and challenging experience. Therefore, staffs under this unit have a role to empower students with advisory knowledge to look for the lost treasure and hence feel good. Experts in this section assist students NOT to feel lonely while at MUST. They encourage students to share with them their disturbing problems for alternative solution. Students are encouraged not to keep silent with their challenges/problems because they will not live in a smooth, happy, and comfortable life at MUST.

Students should also be aware that health is not only being free from diseases or illness but a state of being fit thoughtfully, physically, mentally and socially. Thus, it is a combination of medical care, balanced diet, physical exercises and social interactions. For this reason, the students development and guidance & counseling and accommodation unit strives to make sure that students are geared towards holistic health.

In connection to that, the Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA) is working closely with University dispensary on medical related issues regardless of the freedom of students to get medical services anywhere by using their NHIF cards. Students are required to pay a Medical Capitation Fund as stipulated in the University fee structure as well as NHIF contributions of Tsh. 50,400/= per academic year to those who dont own NHIF card

Sections under the Unit of Students Development, Guidance & Counseling and Accomodation Services.