:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019

Staff in the Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA)

Name:MR. Augustine P. Matem

Title:Dean of Students

Education:MA in Ed. (UDOM), BSc. with Ed. (UDSM), Dip. in Ed. (Mkwawa)

E-Mail: dean@mustnet.ac.tz or apmatem@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Eliza Daniel

Title:Office Management Secretary I

Education:Diploma in Secretarial (Shukrani-Mbeya)

E-Mail: elidokas@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Kenneth J. Mwampashe

Title:Senior Students’ Counselor and MUSTSAB Manager

Education:MA Ed. PA (RUCU), B. Ed (UDSM), Dip. in Ed (Monduli), CALP (Mart Nyegezi)

E-Mail: kmwampashe@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Honoratha Augustino Lyimo

Title:Senior Students’ Counselor II

Education:BA Ed. (UDSM), Dip. in Education (Marangu TTC)

E-Mail: honolym@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Drida D. Sichone

Title:Student Counselor I

Education:B.Ed’nal Psych. (UDSM), on Masters Studies (TEKU)

E-Mail: frisichone@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Daliko C. Mhule

Title:Students’ Counselor II and Head of Student Government Judicatory and Control Services

Education:MA. in Ed (Mzumbe), B. Ed in Counseling Psychology (TEKU), Dip. in Ed (Morogoro TTC)

E-Mail: dalikocosmas@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Edness Pastory Rutta

Title:Students’ Counselor II

Education:B. Social Work (ISW), Dip. in Ed. (Korogwe TTC), On Masters Studies (ISW)

E-Mail: jamilaruta06@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Beatrice N. Makyao

Title:Warden I

Education:MSc. in Counseling Psych (UoI), B. Ed (OUT), Dip. in Ed (Morogoro)

E-Mail: makyaobeatrice@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Emmy Samwel Mwasalwiba

Title:Warden I

Education:BA in HR (Mzumbe)

E-Mail: emmykimoge@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Emmanuel R. Msangi

Title:Warden II

Education:BA with Ed. (Mkwawa)

E-Mail: emsangi8@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Judith Praygod Athuman

Title:Warden II

Education:BA with Ed (UDSM)

E-Mail: judithpraygod@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Helen Benedict Kapinga

Title:Warden II

Education:BA with Ed (UDSM)

E-Mail: hkapinga@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Salome Faustine Mdemu

Title:Warden II

Education:BA. with Ed. (St. Augustine), Cert. of Journalism and Mass Communication (St. Augustine)

E-Mail: mdemusalome@yahoo.com


Name: Chacha O. Matete

Title:Warden II

Education:BA. Ed (RUCU), Dip. in Ed. (Butimba), Teaching License (Butimba), On Masters Studies (SAUT)

E-Mail: chachamatete@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Julius Biragi Kerenge

Title:Principal Catering Officer II

Education:MBM-EM (TU-Iringa College), Higher National Dip. in Hospitality Management (UK), Dip. in Catering Supervision (Hallmark HTC-DSM),

E-Mail: juliuskerenge7@gmail.com


Name: Gernoth Augustino Sanga

Title:Senior Sports Tutor

Education:MA Ed. (TEKU), B. Ed. - PESC (UDSM)

E-Mail: sangagernoth@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Ally Salehe Kabelwa

Title:Games Tutor II

Education:B. Ed in PESS (UDSM), Dip. in Sec. Ed.(Korogwe TTC)

E-Mail: Kabelwaally2@gmail.com


Name: Mr. William Tengia

Title:Janitor I

Education:BBA Marketing (OUT); FTC (D.I.T); CYP Dip. in Youth Development Work (OUT); Cert. in Instructor Methodology Course (Morogoro VTTC), on Masters Studies (UoI)

E-Mail: williamtengia@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Janeth Gabriel Kwira

Title:Janitor I

Education:Dip. in Social Work (TEKU), Cert. in Social Work (ISW), Cert. in Ed. (Kinda Care), on Bachelor Degree Studies (TEKU)

E-Mail: janethkwira2016@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Mwaija Kisingile

Title:Janitor II

Education:Dip. in Development Planning (IRDP), Cert. in Rural Development Planning (IRDP)

E-Mail: mwaijakisingile@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Alcuin Mtweve

Title:Janitor II

Education:Dip. in Ed. (Morogoro)

E-Mail: almtweve@yahoo.com


Name: Ayoub Juma Mrisho

Title:Janitor II

Education:Dip. in Comm. Development (CDTI), on Bachelor Degree Studies (MNMA)

E-Mail: yubmrisho@yahoo.com