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Sunday 21st of July 2019
Dr. Visent Kipene biography


Dr. Visent Kipene has a wide knowledge in Teaching and training, designing training programmes; enterprise development, planning, coordinating, monitoring and Evaluation; curriculum development and evaluation; Working with NGOs, Microfinance analysis, conducting research and report writing; Journal editor and programmes evaluator. He is a competent person with PhD qualification awarded by Sokoine University of Agriculture of Tanzania. Dr. Visent Kipene has worked as lecturer, Dean of School of Humanities and Business Studies, head of research and publication, head of Science and Business Management department, Youth and Rural Women Training officer, teaching in Secondary School. He has also led different teams including African Institute for Capacity Development Tanzania rural women Trainers, team leader of MIST exapansion pragramme and Master plan preparation, Chairman of NACTE College’s evaluation teams. External Examiner of St. Augustine University Mbeya Campus. Visent participated in development of bachelor and diploma curriculum for Mbeya University of Science and Technology, development of country programme for rural women training. Also he participated in development of MUST policies, evaluated different Institutions under NACTE.


1.0 Journal Article

1.1. Visent Kipene, Evelyne Lazaro and Aida C. Isinika “Labour Productivity Performance of Small Agro-Processing Firms in Mbeya and Morogoro, Tanzania,”Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development; Vol.4, No.3, (2013) 125-134.

1.2. Visent Kipeneand Asheri Mwidege “Profit Margin for Small Maize Business: A Comparative Study of Green Roasted Maize and Dry Maize in Mbeya City” . European Journal of Business management. Vol 7, No 23 (2015) 99 – 103.

1.3.Visent KipeneEvelyne Lazaro and Aida C. Isinika “Growth of Small Agro-Processing Firms in Mbeya and Morogoro, Tanzania”, International Journal of Research in Business Studies and Management Vol 2, No 10, (2015) 1-6.

1.4. Visent Kipene “Quality of Agro-Processed Products In Small Firms: A Case of Mbeya and Morogoro, Tanzania” Business, Management and Economics Research Vol. 2, No. 2, (2016) 31-35:

1.5. Visent Kipene “Structural Change for Growth of Small Agro-Processing Firm: A Case of Morogoro and Mbeya, Tanzania” Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Vol-2, No. 4, (2016) 212 – 215

1.6. Visent Kipene “An Overview of Small Agro-Processing Firms in Employment Creation of Mbeya and Morogoro, Tanzania” International Journal in Management & Social Science. Vol-4, No.3, (2016) 433 – 444

2.0 Paper presentation at Conference

2.1. Hosea Mpogole and Visent Kipene “Controversy Between Access to and Abundance of Land in Tanzania” A Paper Presented at the International Workshop on New Perspectives on Regional Integration in the Context of Land-People imbalances in the Lake Victoria Region, organized by Nordic Africa Institute. 29-31 May, 2013, REPOA Conference Centre, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

2.2. Aida C. Isinika and Visent Kipene “The Status, Growth and Labor Productivity of Agro-processing Firms in Tanzania: Opportunities and Limiting Factors” A Paper Presented at the 21th Annual Research Workshop, Making industrialization work for socio-economic transformation o6th – 07th April 2016 at Ledger Plaza Hotel, Dar es Salaam.

3.0 Working a Chapter in a Book

Joseph Msambichaka and Visent Kipene “The Role of Housing in Industrial Development

4.0 Consultancy Work

Joseph Msambichaka and Visent Kipene “Impact Assessment of Nyumba ni Mama Project in Zanzibar” March 2009. The document is available at Habitat for Human Tanzania.

5.0 Baseline Survey

5.1. Rwakarambi J, Kipene V and Msemwa C.“Feasibility Study on Technical Training and Innovation for filling Skills Gap that Hinder Development of Private Sector” May 2009. The document is available at Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, Dar es Salaam.

5.2. Kipene V and Msemwa C. “Report of Feasibility Study on Technical Training and Innovation” June 2009. The document is available at National Technical Education (NACTE), Dar es Salaam.