:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019

Electrical and Electronic Department Staff

Head of Electrical and Elelectronic Department

Name:Mr. Watson E Yotham

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:Pedagogical Certificate (Morogoro); BSc (Hons) Electrical Eng, MSc. EIT (UDSM)

E-Mail: watyotham@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Godwin B Tunze


Education:BSc (Hons) Telecommunications Eng (UDSM)

E-Mail: gbtunze@gmail.com


Name: Mr Eligard Francis

Title:Tutorial assistant

Education:B Eng. Electrical (MIST)

E-Mail: eligardfrancis@gmail.com


Name: Mr Buchumi Manase

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC Electr Eng (MTC) , B Eng. Electrical (St. Joseph)

E-Mail: buchumimanase@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Furahini Ibahati Shelukindo

Title:Workshop Technician

Education:Diploma Electrical & Electronics Eng. (MUST)

E-Mail: furahini2@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Makunja Obeid

Title:Technician II

Education:FTC Electrical & Electronics Eng, B Eng. Electrical &Electronic Eng (MUST)

E-Mail: gkyambille@gmail.com


Name: Mr Justine George Mbilinyi

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. (Eng) Hons, MSc. (EIT) UDSM.

E-Mail: Justinembilinyi@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Kadoke Marco

Title:Instructor II

Education:Cert. Teacher Training (BUTIMBA); B.Eng. Electronics and

E-Mail: marcokadoke@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Njamasi Simon Chiwanga


Education:B Eng. Electronics & Communic. Eng (St Joseph Tanzania); MSc Safety & Reliability Eng Oil & Gas (University of Aberdeen, UK)

E-Mail: njamasice@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Novatus Mendrard Kimenyuka

Title:Instructor II

Education:Dipl. Electr &Electronics Eng, B Eng (MIST), B Eng Electr &Electronic Eng (MUST

E-Mail: nkimenyuka@gmail.com


Name: Mr Joseph Sospeter

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Telecom Eng (Hons), MSc. Electronic & Telecom Eng (NM-AIST)

E-Mail: yusufujss@gmail.com.


Name: Mr. Isaka Jackson Mwakitalima

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:FTC Electr Eng (ATC); Dipl in Ed. (DTE) Klerruu; B Eng Elect &Electronic(ST. Joseph ), MSc. Sustainable Energy (NM-AIST)

E-Mail: isaka.mwakitalima@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Joshua J. Mlay

Title:Workshop Technician

Education:Diploma Electrical & Electronics Eng. (MUST)

E-Mail: Joshmlay@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Mgeni Makambi

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:Bsc(Hons) Telecommunications Eng(UDSM)

E-Mail: mmakambi@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Ms.Catherine Protas

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:B.E Electronics and Communications (STJU)

E-Mail: catherineprotas@yahoo.com


Name: Raphael Jimson Mwasoni

Title:Instructor I

Education:FTC(MTC); Dipl. in Tech Education(Klerruu TTC); B Eng(Electrical Engineering)- DIT

E-Mail: raphaeljimson@yahoo.com


Name: Joseph Seth Nsembele

Title:Senior Artisan II

Education:Trade Test Grade One (Mbeya VTC)



Name: Salehe H. Ndola

Title:Instructor II

Education:FTC – Elect Eng(MTC), B Eng Elect & Electronics ( ST. JOSEPH)

E-Mail: salehendola@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Susan Mboje

Title:Instructor II

Education:B.Eng. Electronics and Communication (ST. JOSEPH)

E-Mail: smboje@gmail.com