:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


The Department of Energy and Production Engineering Department is under the College of Engineering and Techology established in October 2013. The Department focuses producing technically competent, socially committed and disciplined manufacturing engineers with creative ability, innovative thinking and managerial skill to manufacture quality products for the benefit of the mankind. The core activities of the department include but not limited to; teaching, training, research and consultancy. Under research and consultancy, our main research themes include: Sustainable Natural Resources Utilization and Environmental Management, Applied research, Oil and Gas Technology Development, Material Science Characterization, Mechatronics, Production and Nano Technology. We also offer services in all mechanical equipment in industries and domestic appliances including:

  • Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles
  • Diesel Injector pump services
  • Wheel balancing services
  • Motor vehicle troubleshooting diagnosis
  • Crane services
  • Energy auditing in buildings
  • Industrial energy management
  • Boilers and boiler equipment maintenance
  • Repair and Maintenance of mechanical facilities
  • Installation of HVAC and air-conditioning facilities
  • Repair and Maintenance of refrigeration
  • Repair and Maintenance of compressors
  • Air condition services
  • Repair and Maintenance of agro-machines and equipments
  • Panel biting for damaged bodies of vehicles
  • Repair and Maintenance of elevators in buildings and airports
  • Repair and Maintenance of marine equipments
  • Repair and Maintenance of textile machines
  • Installation of textile machines
  • Installation of breweries machines and equipments

Currently, the department offers Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a variety short courses. However in the near future the Department will start offering Postgraduate Diploma in oil and gas safety and reliability engineering and Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering.

Staff Members

Head of Department

Name:Mr. Silla W. Livifile

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: MSc Prod. Eng (UDSM), PGD Mech.(UDSM), ADE Mech. (MIST), FTC Mech. Eng. (TCA).

E-Mail: sillalivifile@gmail.com


Name: Dr. Alexander.N. Mtawa

Title:Principal Institute of Science and Technology, Senior Lecturer

Education:PhD Mech. Eng. SMS (CPUT, SA), MSc Tech.of M/C. Eng. (SOFIA, Bulgaria), FTC Mech. Eng.(TCA)

E-Mail: alexmtawa@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Wilson Kiunsi


Education:MBA (OUT), MEM (UDSM), BSc. Mech. Eng. (UDSM), FTC (TCA

E-Mail: wkiunsihotmail.com


Name: Mr. Addi Palilo Atuswilye Sanga

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:MSc Prod. Eng (UDSM), PGD Mech.(UDSM), ADE Mech. (DIT), FTC Mech. Eng. (TCA).

E-Mail: addipalilo@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Wambura Mwiryenyi Mwita

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:MMasters (Mech Eng-CPUT), BSc (Mech Eng-UDSM).

E-Mail: mwita_wa@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Emmanuel Anosisye Mwangomo

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:MSc Ren. Energy (UDSM), BSc Mech Eng. Energy, (UDSM), Dipl Ed. (Kleruu

E-Mail: emwangomo@gmail.copm


Name: Mr. Joram Lazaro Ngilangwa

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: MSc Prod. Eng. (UDSM), BSc Mech Eng. Energy, (UDSM), FTC Mech. Eng. (MTC).

E-Mail: joramlazaro@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Masoud Kamoleka Mlela

Title: University Assistant Industrial Liason Officer, Assistant Lecturer

Education:MSc Ren. Energy (UDSM), BSc. Electro-Mech. Eng. (UDSM)

E-Mail: masoudkamoleka@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Vicent Marwa Kikohi

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: MSc Ren. Energy (UDSM), PGD Mech.(UDSM), ADE Mech. (MIST), FTC Auto. Eng. (TCA).

E-Mail: vmarwa2000@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Israel N. Komba

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education: ADE Mech. (DIT), FTC Mech. Eng. (DIT)

E-Mail: komba1966@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Mathew Mwingereza Mbaule

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:PGD Mech.(UDSM), ADE Mech. (MIST), FTC Mech. Eng. (MTC).

E-Mail: matthewmbaule@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Ballo Mwendapole Lonje

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: MSc Ren.Energy (UDSM), PGD Mech.(UDSM), ADE Mech. (MIST), FTC Mech. Eng. (MTC)

E-Mail: : ballolonje@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Lekamere N. Kariwa

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:MSc Energy Eng. (UDSM), B. Eng. Mechanical. Energy (DIT) Diploma Tech. Ed. (Kreluu), FTC Automotive Eng. (TCA).

E-Mail: lekakariwa@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Ibrahim Yusuf Mwasyeba

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: Msc. Business Administration (Mzumbe University), Advanced Diploma in Accounting (IAA), ACSEE

E-Mail: ibby202002@yahoo.com


Name: Alex Samwel Mwalyego

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:Msc Mathematical Modelling (UDSM), BSc General (UDSM)

E-Mail: alexsamuel500@yahoo.com