:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


Institute of Science and Technology (IST) is one of the academic institutions in the Mbeya University of Science and Technology. It was established in Nov. 2013 to offer ordinary diploma in a variety of disciplines. The IST is made up of six departments, namely:

Programmes offered under the IST

Currently, the Institute offers the following programmes:

  1. Ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Ordinary Diploma in Mining Engineering
  3. Ordinary Diploma in Highway Engineering
  4. Ordinary Diploma in Computer Engineering
  5. Ordinary Diploma in Computer Science
  6. Ordinary Diploma in information and Communication Technology
  7. Ordinary Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  8. Ordinary Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  9. Ordinary Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  10. Ordinary Diploma in Mechatronics
  11. Ordinary Diploma in Occupational Health Engineering
  12. Ordinary Diploma in Laboratory Science and Technology
  13. Ordinary Diploma in Food Science and Technology
  14. Ordinary Diploma in Business Administration

Dr. Alexander Nikwanduka Mtawa

Title: Principal, Institute of Science and Technology

Address:P. O. Box 131, Mbeya

Email:principal_IST @mustnet.ac.tz or alexmtawa@mustnet.ac.tz

Education: PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Smart Materials and Structures)

Dr. Mtawa Biography

Examination Officer

Name: Award Magemo

Title: Examination Officer II

Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering Technology (ST.JUIT)

E-Mail: magemohoward30@gmail.com

Office Management Secretary

Name: Ms Naja E. Nyambo

Office Assistant

Name:Ms. Marjory E. Katage