:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST) recognizes the existence of Student Organisation (MUSTSO) as provided for by the University Charter. The objective of MUSTSO is to provide students with experience and training in a democratic form of government. The organisation is charged with the duty of continuously expanding and coordinating students activities, stimulating interest and support in the development, assessment and execution of educational, social, cultural and recreational programs. It also seeks to develop communication amongst students, administration and departments. The organization is further intended to inculcate in the students a sense of integrity, self respect, devotion, commitment and accountability to the Tanzanian society and mankind they are bound to serve.

The student organization is led by President and Vice President who are elected by MUSTSO members and guided by a Constitution that is subject to approval by the MUST Council. MUSTSO has three independent organs namely; Executive, Students Parliament and Judiciary.

MUSTSO leaders work closely with the University administration through the Directorate of Students Affairs and are represented in various important University committees including Senate and Council. MUSTSO leaders are trained and equipped with leadership skills before assuming their offices so that University staff and students can harmoniously work together for both academic and social development. The common word "good leaders are born leaders  "is not absolute. With leadership skills they can gain confidence and feel good when they deliver leadership to their fellow students.

Staff Members

Head of Students Governance

Name: Mr. Daliko C. Mhule

Title:Students Counselor II and Head of Student Government Judicatory and Control Services

Education:MA. in Ed (Mzumbe), B. Ed in Counseling Psychology (TEKU), Dip. in Ed (Morogoro TTC)

E-Mail: dalikocosmas@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Hamis Chacha


Mobile:0752 509 218

E-Mail: chachahamis91@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Elyton Lyamuya

Title:Vice President

Mobile:0766 655 467

E-Mail: eltonlyamuyas9111@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Mwita Mang'wena

Title:Judiciary Chairperson

Mobile:0767 649 538

E-Mail: wencheslaus.gamba@gmail.com