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Sunday 21st of July 2019


Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department in Mbeya University of Science and Technology! Here you'll find all the information about the mechanical engineering and the wonderful program we have.

Mechanical Engineering Department is in the Institute of Science and Technology (IST), was established on 1st September, 1986, at the Inception of the Mbeya Technical College.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a wide-range of course in Automotive Technology, Foundry and Forging Technology, Fitter Mechanics, Refrigeration and air Condition, Manufacturing Processes, Mechatronics and Robotics Technology and Industrial Safety and Occupational Health.

Throughout its history, the department has provided a strong technical foundation to prepare students to meet the changing needs of industry and related technology. Most of the students, who graduate from Mechanical Department, end up taking leading positions in industry, academia and government, both in Tanzania and foreign countries.

Currently the Department Offers the Following Programmes

  1. Ordinary Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Ordinary Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering.
  3. Ordinary Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Industrial Safety and Occupational Health.

Mechatronics Engineering is the new program in mechanical engineering, it is multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, electronics and control systems engineering.

Because Mechantronics brings together mechanical, electronics and computer engineering there are lots of job opportunities in manufacturing and production industrial.

This enables a student to know how to Design, service, maintain and repair the mechanical equipment, Pneumatic system, Hydraulic system and automation systems.

Mechanical Engineering with specialization in industrial safety and occupational health this program combine mechanical engineering and management of all operations and events within an industry, for protecting employees and assets by minimizing hazards, risks and accidents. The program has a number of modules which are trained by practical and theory to cover safety of personnel and equipments in manufacturing and production industrial.

Mechanical Engineering Department Staff

Head of Mechanical Department

Name:Lekamere N. Kariwa

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:Dipl.in Tech. Ed. (Kleruu), B. Eng. Mech. (DIT), MSc. Renewable Energy (UDSM),

E-Mail: nmrindoko@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Hamisi A. Mrope.

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:FTC. Automotive Eng. (TCA), B. Eng Mechanical (MIST), MSc. Energy. Eng (Nelson Mandela),

E-Mail: hmrope@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Yasini S. Nalinga

Title:Project Coordinator (Mechanical Engineering Department), Assistant Lecturer

Education:FTC Mechanical Eng. (MTC), B. Eng Mechanical (MIST), MSc. Energy. Eng (Nelson Mandela),

E-Mail: ynalinga@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Alex M. William

Title:Head of Research and Publication, Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Mech. Eng (UDSM), MSc. Petroleum Eng. (NTNU).

E-Mail: awilliam@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Seuri S. Kilakoi

Title:Assistant Examination Officer

Education:B. Eng Mechanical (DIT), MSc. Energy and Environmental Engineering (CIMAV, Mexico)

E-Mail: skilakoi@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Dickson P. Ndalila.

Title:Industrial Liaison Officer (Mechanical Engineering Department)

Education:BSc. Chemical Proc. Eng. (UDSM), MSc. Energy Eng. (UDSM),

E-Mail: dndalila@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Evance N. Tweve.

Title:Short Course Coordinator (Mechanical Engineering Department)

Education:FTC. Mech. Eng (MTC), ADE. Mech. Eng (MIST), PGDE -Mech (UDSM)

E-Mail: etweve@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Jonathan Lunyungu.

Title:Head of transport unit, Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC Mech (MTC), ADE Mech Eng. (MTC), PGDE -Mech (UDSM).

E-Mail: jlunyungu@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Yeremia D. Gwau

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC. Mechanical Eng (TCA), DTE (Kileruu), B. Eng. Mech. (MUST).

E-Mail: ygwau@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Philemon X. Mutabilwa.

Title:Head of Examination (Mechanical Engineering Department), Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC Mech (DIT), B. Eng Mech. (DIT).

E-Mail: pmutabilwa@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Nyanda M. Malashi.

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education:B. Eng Mech. (MUST)

E-Mail: nmalashi@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Samweli E. Mwasanjobe


Education:Dip. Marine Eng. (Mbegani), B.Eng (MUST).

E-Mail: smwasanjobe@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Kraison M. Ntenga


Education:Dip. Marine. Eng (Mbegani).

E-Mail: kntenga@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Widson K. Mwasenga


Education:FTC. Mech. Eng (MTC), B.Eng. (MUST),

E-Mail: wmwasenga@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Paulo S. Zebedayo,


Education:Dip. Mech. Eng (MUST)

E-Mail: pzebedayo@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Michael T. Mwakyonya


Education:ADAE (NIT), DAE (NIT)

E-Mail: mmwakyonya@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Erasto S. Hebuka.


Education:FTC Mechanical (DIT), DTE (Kileruu), B. Eng Mech. (DIT),

E-Mail: ehebuka@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Shabani H. Mdende.

Title:Driving School Coordinator, Instructor

Education:FTC Mech. Eng (DIT), Advance vehicle inspection and road safety and accident analysis (NIT). ADE (NIT),

E-Mail: smdende@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Emmanuel S. Sakalani.


Education:Diploma Automotive. Eng (TCA), B.Eng. Mechanical (MUST),

E-Mail: esakalani@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Hamisi M. Egari


Education:Diploma Automotive Eng. (TCA)

E-Mail: hegari@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Nsajigwa L. Mbamba


Education:Diploma Mech. Eng (MUST)

E-Mail: nmbamba@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Sikudhan Lucas Mpuhus


Education:Dip. Mech. Eng (MUST)

E-Mail: smpuhus@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mrs. Palestina Ndelwa


Education:Trade Test Grade II

E-Mail: pndelwa@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Ulimboka Kamwela.


Education:Trade Test Grade I

E-Mail: ukamwela@mustnet.ac.tz