:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


The department of natural sciences was established in 2015 under the College of Science and Technical Education (CoSTE). The Department of Natural Sciences is home of life science (Biology Chemistry, and Physics). Natural Sciences can be designed to address specific intellectual interests or career objectives. Through experiences that occur in and out of the classroom, the Department strives to provide educational and research experiences that are rich with opportunities and challenges and that foster an understanding of the scientific method of learning. To start with the department is expected to offer BSc. with Education (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics) and BSc. laboratory science and technology in academic year 2017/2018. The graduates from this department will therefore be flexible and able to meet challenges and addresses national and international needs.

Staff Members

Head of Department

Name: Ms. Colletha Y. Mengo

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: Diploma in Education (Klerruu), BSc. Education (UDSM -DUCE), MSc.Applied Zoology (UDSM)

E-Mail: ycolletha@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Yasin K. Kowa

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: BSc. education Mathematics (TEKU), MSc. in Maths and Computer Sciences engineering (NM-AIST)

E-Mail: kowayasin@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Charles Johnstone

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:Diploma in Education (Butimba), BSc. Education (UDSM)

E-Mail: cjchuga@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Busheni G. Dome

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:Diploma in Education (TTC), Bed. Mathematics (TEKU), MSc in Maths and Computer Sciences engineering (NM-AIST)

E-Mail: bushenidome@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Violet G. Saria

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Education (UDSM), MSc. Applied mathematics (Nairobi University)

E-Mail: vai20000tz@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Amosi Makoye Shitebel

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:BSc. in Chemistry (UDOM)

E-Mail: amosmakoye1922@gmail.com


Name: Mrs. Beatha Ngonyani

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:Diploma in Education ( Klerruu), BSc. Education(UDSM- DUCE), MSc. Mathematical modeling (UDSM)

E-Mail: beatha.ngonyani@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Mohamed H. Mohamed

Title:Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. in Mathematics (UDOM), MSc. Mathematical sciences (AIMS)

E-Mail: hmohamed@aims.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Victor F. Sanga

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:BSc. Education (SUA)

E-Mail: sangavictor2006@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Azaria L. Stephano

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:BSc. Chemistry (UDOM), MSc. in environmental chemistry Israel on study

E-Mail: azariastephano@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Phenson J. Nsima

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Chemistry (UDOM), MSc. in environmental chemistry Israel on study

E-Mail: phenson2016@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Omega Anthony Vicent

Title: Assistant lecturer

Education:B.Sc. Aquatic Environmental Sciences and Conservation (UDSM) M. Sc.Marine Sciences (UDSM)

E-Mail: omeganthony@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Ndaki M. Manyanza

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:BSc. in Biology (UDOM), MSc. in parasitology (UDOM) on study

E-Mail: ndakimanyanza@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Mlyashimbi Helikumi

Title: Assistant lecturer

Education:BED. Science (UDSM), M.Sc (Mathematical Modeling)( UDSM)

E-Mail: mhelikumi@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Mr. Gideon Eustace Rwabona

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:Bachelor of Education-Mathematics, (TEKU) MSc. in mathematics AIMS on study

E-Mail: gidebutam@gmail.com


Name: Mrs. Tumikia Raphael Sanga

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education: BSc. Education (SUA),MSc. Biochemistry (SUA) on study

E-Mail: tumikiasanga@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Regan Nicholaus Kavishe

Title:Assistant lecturer

Education: Bsc. Aquaculture (SUA), Master of Aquaculture Science Ningbo University, Ningbo-China

E-Mail: calvin2011n@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Eliezer Brown Mwakalapa

Title:Assistant lecturer

Education: B.Sc. in Aquaculture (UDSM), M.Sc. Marine Science UDSM PhD on study

E-Mail: mwakalapaeb@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Kombo O. Kombo

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education: BSc. Education (MUM), MSc. in physics Gadjah Mada University-Yogykarta, Indonesia on study

E-Mail: kombokombo01@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Guntram Martin Wagofya

Title:Tutorial Assistant

Education: BSc. in statistics (UDOM), MSc.in statistics (UDOM) on study

E-Mail: mmalipesa@gmail.com