:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Sunday 21st of July 2019


The department of Built environment Engineering focuses on three broad areas of Teaching, Consultancy and Research. In all these areas the department deals with planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and the infrastructure. These include buildings, transportation facilities, bridges, foundations, hydraulic structures, and other facilities essential for the society.

Staff Members

Head of Department

Name:Mr. Joseph Kilango Mnkeni

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:FTC in Civil Eng. (TCA); ADE in Civil Eng. (DIT); PGD in Civil Eng. (UDSM);MSc. in Highway Eng. (UDSM).

E-Mail: josmnkeni@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Prof. Joseph John Msambichaka

Title: Associate Professor

Education:B.Eng. (Mysore); MSc. (UDSM); PhD (Dortmund)

E-Mail: jvmfatti@yahoo.com


Name: Dr. Zacharia Saimon Katambara

Title:Principal - College of Engineering and Technology, Senior Lecturer

Education:BSc in Civil Eng. (UDSM), MSc in Water Resources Eng. (UDSM), PhD (Wits- SA)

E-Mail: zacharia.katambara@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Dr. Mgaza Somo Muya

Title: Head of Admissions Office, Lecturer

Education:BSc in Geology (UDSM), MSc Geotechnical Eng. (HUST, China), PhD Geotechnical (HUST, China)

E-Mail: somomgaza@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Dr. Mwajuma Ibrahim Lingwanda

Title:Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lecturer

Education:FTC Arch. (MTC); ADE in Civil Eng. (DIT); PGD in Civil Eng. (UDSM); MSc in Highway Eng. (UDSM); Licentiate of Eng. (KTH – Sweden); PhD Geotechnical Eng. (UDSM)

E-Mail: mwajuma13@yahoo.com


Name: Dr. Duwa Hamisi Chengula

Title: Lecturer

Education:FTC in Civil Eng. (MTC); BSc. in Civil Eng. (UDSM); MSc in Highway Eng. (UDSM); PhD Materials Science (Kassel, German)

E-Mail: dchengula@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Yazid Hassan Mwishwa

Title: Lecturer

Education:FTC in Civil Eng. (TCA); ADE in Civil Eng. (DIT); PGD (UDSM); MEM (UDSM)

E-Mail: mwishwa@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Gislar Edgar Kifanyi

Title: Lecturer

Education: BSc in Civil (UDSM); PGD (UDSM); MEM (UDSM)

E-Mail: gislakifanyi@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Lupakisyo George Mwalwiba

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: BSc in Civil Eng. (UDSM); MSc. in Water Resources Eng. (UDSM)

E-Mail: lupakisyog@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Mr. Hieronimi Alphonce Mboya

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education: FTC in Civil Eng. (MTC): ADE Civil (DIT); PGD Civil (UDSM); MSc Structural Eng. (UDSM)

E-Mail: hamboya@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Edmund Ishengoma Mutayoba

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Environmental Science (SUA) Master in Integrated Water Resources Management (UDSM)

E-Mail: edmundmutayoba@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Mohamed Jumanne Mohamed

Title: Tutorial Assistant

Education:FTC Civil (DIT) ADE, Civil Eng. (DIT), Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Eng.(UDSM)

E-Mail: mohdjumanne@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Mr. Ramadhani Said Tekka

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Geomatics (ARU); Master in Engineering Management (UDSM)

E-Mail: Stekka@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Julius James Nalitolela

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Structures (UDSM), MSc. Civil (Czech Tech. University).

E-Mail: nalijr@hotmail.com


Name: Mr. Japhary Juma Shengeza

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Building Economics and (UDSM), Master of Science in Construction Economics

E-Mail: shengeza@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Omari Bakari Shegwando

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Civil Eng. Msc. Environmental Technology and Management (ARU)

E-Mail: omsheg@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Martin Jacob Swila

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc. Civil Eng. (Eng.); MSc. in Structural Eng. (UDSM)

E-Mail: martinswila@yahoo.co.uk


Name: Mr. Mtaita Charles Mtoni

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:MSc. in Mining Eng. (MSMU, Russia)

E-Mail: mtaijunior@mustnet.ac.tz


Name: Mr. Patrice Nyangi Mkono

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc.in Civil Eng. (USTHB, Algeria); MSc.in Civil Eng. (USTHB, Algeria)

E-Mail: nyangip@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Nyakyi Vicent P

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Education:BSc of Science (Mwenge Univesity) Master in Mathematics and Computational

E-Mail: vicenyakyi@gmail.com